Thanksgiving Order FAQs2020-10-15T21:17:28-04:00

Thanksgiving Order FAQs

What kind of turkeys do we sell?2020-10-15T21:11:33-04:00

Our turkeys are all natural and pasture raised. Broad breasted whites. We have been selling the same turkeys for over 35 years. We find it to be the best eating turkey, compared to any other turkey.
Weather permitting, they’re raised in pastures (aka free range & grass fed) and also eat natural grains. Like the rest of the meats at Hemlock Hill Farm, all free of hormones and antibiotics.

What comes with the whole turkey?2020-10-15T21:12:21-04:00

As we have been providing our community for over 35 years with wonderful fresh turkeys, we understand that we have seasoned fresh turkey cooks as well as customers trying it for the first time.  We offer everyone suggested cooking instructions, when they pick up their turkey, as our fresh turkeys take significantly less time to cook then the frozen or perservative based turkeys usually purchased at stores. Just ask, or look for the bright golden brochure and help yourself.   Each turkey comes with a bag of giblets (heart, liver, gizzard and neck).  Be sure to check your turkey’s cavity for the bag, before cooking.

Are the turkeys fed an organic diet?2020-10-15T21:13:02-04:00

Our all natural pastured raised turkeys are fed an all natural grain diet. Organic feed, in bulk, is unfortunately not readily available to us, at this time. However it is something we are seriously working towards, for the near future.

Do we raise the turkeys?2020-10-15T21:18:01-04:00

Hemlock Hill Farm has been working with Glenwood Turkey Farm, in Pennsylvania, for over 35yrs. Glenwood specializes in raising turkeys naturally. They start them as pullets in the summer. Hemlock Hill Farm finishes raising them in the fall.

Size range vs exact weight?2020-10-15T21:18:57-04:00

Our turkeys are sold fresh. We offer a 3lb size range to choose from, as we can’t promise an exact weight. The process of selecting the appropriate turkey for processing, is not an exact science, and done within 24 hours or less of your reserved pick up day. That’s why we ask you to choose a certain size range & pick up day. 99% of the time we will be able to give you the weight you want, in the range you reserve.

What Size Should I Buy?2020-10-15T21:19:58-04:00

We suggest 1.5 to 2.5lbs per person. It could be less if you and your guest are light meat eaters, serving a lot of sides or have another main dish. Or it could be more if you want a lot of left overs.

How should the turkey be kept til cooking?2020-10-15T21:20:39-04:00

Our turkeys are processed the day before your pick up. We suggest you pick up your fresh turkey, no longer then 5 days prior to cooking, to guarantee freshness. It’s important to keep your turkey at a consistent temperature of 32 degrees f. If you’re low on fridge space, we suggest packing your turkey on ice in a cooler. This could be considered even better then a fridge.

Want to brine (marinate in high salt solution)?2020-10-15T21:21:20-04:00

If you are brining your turkey, we suggest giving yourself 24-48 hours for that process, before cooking.  So arrange your pick up date accordingly.

Will a turkey fit in a deep fryer?2020-10-15T21:22:18-04:00

Yes, our 2 smaller size ranges (12-15lbs or 16-18lbs) fit in deep fryers.

Do you sell sage sausage?2020-10-15T21:22:56-04:00

Yes. We will have an abundance, in our farm store to purchase around the holidays. Available in 5 patty packs or 1lb packs. We’re not able to take pre-orders/reservations for these items, apologises.

What if I have to cancel an order?2020-10-15T21:23:40-04:00

We understand that plans can change. If you need to cancel your order, please call (914) 737-2810  two or more days before your scheduled pick up. If you don’t reach a live person during our store hours, please leave your entire name and contact number with your message, on our answering machine.

What about picking up my order and can I change my pick up date?2020-10-15T21:24:44-04:00

Please make sure you mark down your reservation pick up date. Your fresh turkey will only be available to you on that day.
We understand that plans can change. If you need to change your pick up date, please call (914) 737-2810  two or more days before your scheduled pick up. If you don’t reach a live person during our store hours, please leave your entire name and contact number with your message, on our answering machine

When do I Pay?2020-10-15T21:27:02-04:00

This is only a reservation. You must pay in full, the day you pick up your turkey. We charge per pound so every turkey costs differently. We accept master card, visa, discover and cash.

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